Techfest 2018 is the place you can meet all talented startup from Vietnam
Establisted in 2013 ebaohiem tie up major insurance providers in one place, simplify the insurance b
Nextx Global
To create the simplest and user-friendly online platform for Healthcare Providers, so that they are
Ít hơn 8h/ngày (Less than 8 hours a day)
Một nền tảng kết nối trực tuyến (qua website, app) các công việc có thời gian l
Ella Study
An AI-based platform connecting students, Alumni and universities to make global study simplified. T
Ngân hàng video giáo dục Trạng
Ngân hàng video giáo dục Trạng - Mang Thế giới vào trong lớp học, là dự án biế
InnerPiece - To the future together
Researching, Developing, Publishing, Co-operating to create high quality graphics technology for Gam
Hệ thống Đấu thầu vận chuyển TADI ra đời nhằm giải quyết các khó khăn và t
Rau Plus
4.0 platform that provides a direct connection between agricultural products suppliers and customers
Interactive wifi-enabled electric vehicle and motorbike charging device
eTreego's EVSE is equipped with patented interactive charging control technology, coupled with netwo
On-Demand Home Cleaning Service at your fingertip. bTaskee is a marketplace application that automat
3d Creative. Inc
Thành lập dựa trên nhóm khởi nghiệp in 3D tại Bắc Giang từ cuối 2016, 3D Creative
Totoroads – ‘a peer-to-peer car rental service’
Totoroads is a mobile application that helps you rent and share a car, any car, anytime, anywhere.
Smart electric motorcycle - Next generation of personal mobility
In short, we want to be "the Tesla of Southeast Asia". Currently, we develop next generation of elec
Đồng hồ nước thông minh
  Tài nguyên nước là 1 trong những tài nguyên quan trọng và quý giá nhất trên hà
Sea Tech Pro
XCapital - Nền tảng tư vấn đầu tư tự động (Robo Advisor)
Giai đoạn 1: Nền tảng tư vấn đầu tư XCapital sẽ tự động hóa các quá trình p
Urbanist Network
Urbanist Network seeks to bring high-quality, localised content to millennial readers in Asia and pr
ULAND Platform
Nền tảng trung gian cung cấp giải pháp tư vấn Bất động sản theo nhu cầu, kết
Home improvement Portal
The Portal helps to solve 3 main problems: (1) Assisting home/ land owners to search
BedLinker is a technology company in hospitality industry. We are developing an integrated B2B distr
Ứng dụng nghề thủ công mỹ nghệ truyền thống trong ngành sản xuất giày dép thời trang
Wealth Dragon Coconut Cosmetics JSC offers beauty products completely from herbs and essential oils.
STRUCK is a solution for transportation field, running on mobile and web basic. STRUCK aims to bring
AgUnity is an Australian-based startup founded in 2016 with the ambition to help change the lives of
Cassava Noodles Caromi - Back to the roots
With a strong passion to maintain and develop Dong Phu village - the only village in the world produ